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Casino Slot Machines – Probe Your Luck!

Nowadays, slot games are definitely the most popular gambling method in every casino. No wonder, as they are so easy to use yet profitable for the house (if not free, of course.) For instance, in the UK slots make for around two thirds of an average casino’s income. Nonetheless, everyone seems to be happy about it – casinos get their money, and players their fun. If you are willing to play with chances and don’t feel like delving into rules of blackjack or other more complicated games, slots are definitely your choice.

How it all started

The first slot (“fruit”) machine is told to have been invented in New York. Not surprisingly, the prototype was only remotely similar to the current version. This gambling machine was based on poker where players had to get a good poker hand to win (and also had a vague knowledge of what they would win – beer, cigarettes or anything else the pub was ready to provide them with). The machine had four drums with 50 cards and a lever to operate it. The latter gave birth to a commonly used name ‘one-armed bandit’ as it had one arm (a lever) to play and robbed players of their money.

The next leap in development of slots machines occurred in 1887 (as it is widely asserted) when a man called Charles Fey decided to replace cards with five images (horseshoe, Liberty Bell etc.) and use three reels instead of five drums. It made the process much easier and automated the payout giving rise to widespread popularity of the machine. Since then, this very gambling device has enjoyed great demand.

The slots online

As the time went by and technologies developed (the Internet in particular), the process of gambling got far more easy and convenient. Of course, we are talking about free online slots. Although playing online deprives you from the adventurous atmosphere of the casino, it has undoubted benefits which often win the fight. Let us name a few of them:

  1. Ability to play for fun, not for money. Your reasons may be different (innocent and wallet-safe entertainment or learning the game before spending real money), but the fact is that all slots in casino (real one) are played for money, not bare interest. Therefore, you are bound to measure the risks.
  2. Convenience. Free slots on UK websites enable you to play without actually leaving the house, lying in bed with a laptop on your belly. You can play your favourite music or concentrate on the game in total silence.
  3. Availability. Free casino slots are available 24/7 from home. There is no need to arrange a Las Vegas spree to have some fun.
  4. Extra bonuses that usually depend on the casino you are playing with.
  5. Variety of free online slots. While real casinos can offer only a limited number of machines to play, online slots in UK are available in all shapes and colours, so to speak. They can be based on sport events, movies, books, comics, etc. In other words, you can choose the one to your liking.
  6. Excellent graphics. Of course, the feeling of touching the machine itself is hardly replaceable (if this is what you need from the game process). Nonetheless, the outstanding graphics of the corresponding software of online casinos can immerse you in the atmosphere and deliver high quality gambling experience.

There are other advantages to name; however, it is always better to try yourself. Free slots in UK are available on numerous websites. Play and see for yourself.